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July 2008

  • The Georgia Cancer Coalition (GCC) partners with the Georgia Cancer Foundation (GCF) and Pfizer to sponsor a statewide meeting on Cancer Patient Navigation attracting more than 100 attendees. Patient navigation founder, Dr. Harold Freeman, is the keynote speaker.

December 2008

  • The GCC partners with the Georgia Society of Clinical Oncology (GASCO) to submit a grant proposal to the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) to research the need for a statewide cancer patient navigation organization.

April 2009

  • GASCO is awarded a $10,000 State Affiliate grant from ASCO to assess the current level of cancer patient navigation resources in Georgia and determine the need for and interest in forming a statewide professional organization for cancer patient navigators.
  • GCC, GASCO meeting with North Carolina Cancer Coalition executive to discuss lessons learned in trying to develop a statewide Cancer Patient Navigation organization

May 2009

  • Project team convenes; plans course of action
  • Contact lists developed to reach cancer patient navigators in Georgia
  • Survey developed, posted online, and distributed
  • Date/location/speakers/topics decided for Cancer Patient Navigation conference

June 2009

  • GASCO and GCC attend Atlanta networking event sponsored by NCONN
  • Survey feedback from more than 100 respondents compiled
  • Conference Planning:
  • Speakers Recruited:

Dr. Harold Freeman; Caroline Huffman; Dr. Sheryl Gabram; Dr. Kimberly Arriola

    • Additional financial support secured from Pfizer; program offered at no charge
    • Event promotion developed and distributed
    • Logistics planned with hotel
    • Registration confirmations sent
    • Representatives invited from national cancer organizations: LAF, Komen, ACS

July 2009

  • Conference held with more than 100 attending.
  • Steering Committee formulated with balanced representation 

August 2009

  • Event follow-up information (links to resources, presentations, survey results) sent to Georgia cancer patient navigation database
  • Cancer Patient Navigators of Georgia website page developed on GASCO website

September 2009

  • Steering Committee first meeting via phone; determine to hold retreat

October 2009

  • Fanning Institute at UGA hired to facilitate retreat
  • Retreat planned for October 2 & 3 in Rome; 10 members attend
  • Organization name, logo approved; mission/vision/values defined; next steps determined
  • Organization chair and vice-chair selected

January - February 2010

  • Working Committees – Chair
    • Governance – Karen Beard
    • Membership – Philip Edge
    • Communication – Judy Stanton
    • Networking – Angie Patterson
    • Education – Shaunta Wright
    • Fundraising – Courtney Bugler
    • Outreach – Penny Daughterty
    • Advocacy & Legislation – Emily Beard
  • 50+ members on Working committees
  • 360+ patient navigation mailing list

 March 2010

  • Committee Chairs Conferences Call – focus on top 3 goals for each committee
  • Worked on website, listserv and database

April 2010

  • Steering Team Meeting : established membership criteria and memorandum of  understanding with GASCO and bylaws 
  • Outline for September educational conference

May 2010

  • CPNG website established as part of GASCO website to include:
Mission/Vision/Values; News; History; Meetings & Presentations; Committees (including Steering Committee); Educational & Helpful Links; Survey Results; Membership; and Contact information

 July 2010

  • Plans firmed up for September 11 conference content & online registration
  • Online membership registration opens
  • “No fee” policy for membership and conference registration

August 2010

  • Work initiated on content/format for “members only” section of website

September 2010

  • Approximately 130 people registered for membership and for the conference
  • Dr. Mumber announced research opportunity for cancer patient navigators


March 2011

  • Launched "Members Only" section of website

September 2011

  • 3rd Annual Conference

January 2012

  • First Statewide Integrative Oncology Conference held (funded by the Tom and Karen Chapman Gift)

March 2012

  • Release RFP for cancer research award focused on Patient Navigation

April 2012

  • Lay Navigation Train-the-Trainer Pilot program held (funded by the Tom and Karen Chapman Gift)

May 2012

  • Lay Navigation Training Pilot program held (funded by the Tom and Karen Chapman Gift)

July 2012

  • Patient Navigation Cancer Research Award grantee to be announced

September 2012

  • 4th Annual Conference to be held

The development of Cancer Patient Navigators of Georgia is supported by Gasco and GCC